10 Suggestions for the perfect Eurail train trip

10 Suggestions for the perfect Eurail train trip

Europe by train can actually be the journey of lifetime.International Rail gives tips & eurail pass that will surely help you enjoy & plan the perfect trip.

Exploring Europe by train can actually be the journey of a lifetime. There are now 28 nations welcoming the Eurail Worldwide Pass holders and the stunning diversity of cultures, cuisines and scenery is truly fascinating and remarkable. The pass is unbelievably easy to use, making the trip loads of fun.

Given that Europe is packed with astonishing locations, be it world-famed cities or off the trodden path capturing villages, there actually is no better and more comfortable way to visit it all than by train. You go to bed in one country and can easily wake up in a totally different country the next day seeing completely new sites, people, cultures and cuisines.

So after spending an awesome day exploring a small village for example you can in a few short hours be in the hussle and bussle of a totally different place.

But there are a couple of key components that you must take into consideration in order for your journey to be a success. So here are 10 tips that will surely help you enjoy and plan the perfect Eurail trip through Europe:

See the famous sites, but don't forget to get off the beaten path as well

Paris, Venice, Rome and Barcelona are a few of the most popular list items out there. They certainly are fantastic cities to visit and while everybody should undeniably see them at least once in a lifetime little, lesser-known towns might be full of charm too.

The modern European capitals are a fantastic mixture of cultures that demonstrates time and time again just how astounding ethnic diversity is. But it is in the towns and villages off the beaten track where time honored traditions and customs, age-old architectural styles, as well as the identity and the spirit of people prevail. While tailoring an itinerary accommodated to your own personal interests and lifestyle finding the balance is essential.

Welcome the diversity, it's the best part of travel!

It's recommendable to contain a palette of experiences as diverse as possible, to make your journey a success that is real. Explore the shores, wonder in front of varied architectural styles, detect new artistic tendencies, take joy in classical art, attempt the various local cuisines, let the universe unravel breathtaking sceneries in front of your eyes, witness sunsets and sunrises, make new friends, have a taste of the nightlife and party like a local. This can ensure you'll have amazing stories an photos to share with your friends and family. I

Planning vs going with the flow

While a general direction of where you are going and a list of the most important things to see comes in handy, the best thing about rail travel lies in the truth that it consistently leaves spaces for flexibility, innovation and creativity.

But it's important to remember that during the busy summertime, it's wise to book and plan beforehand for both trains and hostels. In France, for instance, where there's a limited seat allocation for pass holders year round on TGV trains, it leaves no choice but to make your train reservations as soon as possible, otherwise you might have to pay the full-fare!

Night trains should also be booked in advance to avoid disappointment. The Eurail schedule tool is useful when planning the next move, since it offers a comprehensive list of local and high-speed trains accessible, the intermediate stops, and additional info about bookings.

Reservations and the way to avert them


As mentioned previously, all night trains and high-speed trains in some specific nations (including France, Spain and Italy) need a compulsory reservation at an additional cost.

So if you want to get from A to B the fastest way possible then there really isn't a way to avoid them, but if you are open to other ideas then there are alternative routes that quite often save the fees and even let you see some other amazing places on the way.

The regional trains have the advantage of not requiring a booking, however, the journey time can be significantly more. As an example, the high speed AVE train joining Valencia with Madrid in only 1 hour and a half, it's a reservation price of 10 Euros for 2nd class and 24 Euros for 1st class.

Take urban transportation

It is always fascinating to check if you're able to use your Eurail pass for moving around the local areas, not just in between destinations.

For example, in Germany, the Eurail pass is valid on s-bahn trains (suburban metro railroad tracks) that operate in the major cities. Many attractions are situated within walking distance from the train stations, such as the Prime Tower from Zurich, the maximum building in Switzerland. Situated next to Hardbrucke station, from its 35th flooring Clouds bistro, some amazing views of the mountains, the city and the lake can be appreciated.

So since you already have the ticket why not use it?

Do be aware that any free travel , may use a day on your pass.

Take the window seat for the best views

If you are able to, choose the window seat.  And in some areas it can even be a good idea to check which side of the train is best to sit on to see the best views!

There is no better way to relish the ever-changing landscape. And no better seats to shoot photographs of the world as it passes by. You'll be able to learn much about the architecture, and you can do quite plenty of sightseeing from train and the way people leave in every region. Which gets us to...

Don't forget about regional trains

While high-speed trains are fast and can get you from point A to point B in less time, they also do not pass nearby the cities.

You can take the high-speed train and barely see any village in the distance. Every now and then, this is an incredible experience. Just picture all the hanging laundry you could see during your trip! Isn't it great to see how the locals live as well?

Hop off and store your bag

Most train stations have lockers, which makes it very easy to stop in the middle of a longer route, drop your bags and stretch your legs for several hours while checking out the local area.  Using these lockers makes this exploration much more fun, and it takes away almost all the hassle of luggage.

The Eurail pass is flexible, which makes it easy to decide your itinerary as the time along with your mood permit on the go and pack in additional locations. Spontaneity is a feeling that is very rewarding and also you can always say 'been there, done that!'. Remember that in those countries where bookings are required, that you'll normally have to reserve well in advance, especially during the hectic summertime.

Using lockers just simply makes sense, you can get more done in less time but feel like you relaxed more at the same time.  Perfect.

Get extras on high-speed trains

Sometimes, for example on the high speed AVE train in Spain, when you spend money on a 1st class booking, a complete meal is included as well. That means you won't just travel in style, in a train car that is not so packed, clean and comfy, but you'll also get an enjoyable meal. This can save you time and money once you arrive at your destination.

Get on board the night train

When traveling over long distances or when high-speed trains are unavailable, taking the night train may be satisfying and useful choice. It also has several advantages, although it is not just an exceptional experience to be had. Despite the compulsory fee to be paid, at the conclusion of the day you will probably save money compared with spending the night in hotel or a hostel. After all, you're taking this excursion hoping your life will be enriched with experiences that are new and astonishing, right?

Take a look at different Eurail passes here if you are considering experiencing the wonders of taking your own Eurail trip around Europe.