3 of the best train journeys in the world

3 of the best train journeys in the world

International Rail provides euro rail pass for three best train journeys. These three journeys are very different, but all of them are absolutely memorable.

The Glacier Express

The Glacier express is one of Switzerland is most scenic train journeys, it runs all year round between Zermatt at the foot of the Matterhorn and St Moritz in the Engadin skiing area. This is far from a high speed train, with a journey of just over 290 km taking 7 1/2 hours, this is a fantastic way to taking the spectacular Swiss mountain scenery.

This is quite a modern looking train, and rather than having separate cabins like some other services it is quite similar to many regular trains, though the windows are extra-large to take in the scenery and the windows in first-class are even more massive. First opened in 1930, the journey covers and 291 bridges, 91 tunnels and over the Oberalp Pass.

If you're looking to see some of the most beautiful views in Switzerland, and you're not looking for a rushed method of transport, then this is an amazing experience.


The Rocky Mountaineer

Not just one, but four different routes through the Canadian Rockies past spectacular scenery complete with an amazing on-board experience that is so popular that over 100,000 guests travel each year.

Each of the four routes are quite substantial trips, with three of the four taking two or more days to complete, it would be impossible to cover everything that they have to offer so here is just a little taste.


First Passage to the West, Vancouver <> Banff & Calgary

This two day trip take you across the original Canadian Pacific Railway, in fact it's the only passenger train operating over the original Canadian Pacific transcontinental line. This could easily be the most scenic of the four routes, this journey is a real treat.

Journey through the Clouds:  Jasper to Vancouver via Kamloops

This line, previously known as the yellow head route, opened in 1917 and takes the line through the lowest point of the Canadian Rockies (3718 feet above sea level). This router has some breathtaking views of the snow-capped Mount Robinson, Moose Lake, the premier mountain range and the pyramid falls. Note that on the second day of this trip, some of the same line used in the First Passage to the West, Vancouver <> Banff & Calgary is covered.

Whistler Sea to Sky Climb: Vancouver to Whistler

A short little trip, but certainly an amazing view. This must be the nicest way to travel the 74 miles between Vancouver and Whistler, complete with breakfast and fantastic views of the Brandywine Falls, Capilano River & Howe Sound.

Rainforest to Goldrush: Whistler to Jasper via Quesnel

A less popular but still remarkable route this two-day journey leaves Whistler and travels off the beaten track through gold rush country. Following the Fraser River over the Pacific great Eastern Railway, the line was started in 1885 and only completed in 1952. The remoteness of this line gives you a amazing views and you may even see some bald eagles, ospreys, and even black bears and grizzly bears. Most people that go on this trip, tend to have taken the Vancouver to Whistler trip a day or two before.

Royal Scotsman

Touring the Highlands of Scotland, this luxurious train offers to as ranging from two nights, up to a seven night grand tour of Great Britain. With private wood panelled rooms, this is one classy train. Think of this train as a hotel room on rails, complete with a small ensuite, shower and toilet with a desk, table, wardrobe and all of the extras you could hope for. If the thought of sleeping on a moving train seems a little bit distracting, don't worry each night the train is stationary at a quiet platform or siding for the night.

And rather than being an express train, this train stops and has two is at keep points along the journey. The specific of train excursions vary depending on the specific to that you are on, but you will certainly learn a lot about the history, and also meet locals and travellers along the way.



So next time you need to travel, just think if the troop can be part of the experience rather than just a method of getting from a to B. If you're looking for something different all three of these trips are absolutely amazing.