Booked But Not Yet Boarded? Savvy Holiday Train Travel Begins With These Top Tips

Booked But Not Yet Boarded? Savvy Holiday Train Travel Begins With These Top Tips

Travelling by train makes for magical holiday experiences here are some tips to make your holiday by train even better.

Holiday train travel offers numerous advantages to both luxury and budget holidaymakers. There is no stress over driving in congested traffic or navigating unfamiliar territory or worrying on which side of the road to drive. You get to sit back and relax and let the calming effect of the clickety clack of the rails soothe you while you feast on the scenery outside the windows. Below we offer a few tips to make your holiday by train a little easier.

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  • Budget train travel requires you to pack light as luggage space is limited. The fewer bags you have the less you will have to manage. Backpacks are great options for travellers who will be embarking and disembarking frequently.
  • You may know where you're headed but do you know what to do once you get there? As exciting as planning your trip is, often there is not much time to devote to researching the countries or cities you will be visiting in depth. This is where you can make great use of your time on a train. You can, at your leisure, read up on some of the interesting things to do on your holiday.
  • When travelling with children the trick to a hassle-free train journey is to keep them well-entertained. This is easy to do with the various digital entertainment devices available. Make sure before you leave that you download their favourite movies on a tablet or laptop. Portable DVD players are also a good idea. A selection of entertainment activities will ensure the kids never tire of any one activity. And don't forget to charge all devices to the max!
  • Food is great on trains offering meals, but it can be a good idea to check what meals are available if you have special requirements. Knowing what your options are is always a great plan, and can make all the difference.

Travelling by train makes for magical holiday experiences. Of course, following this advice about travelling by train means that you avoid those newbie mistakes that can ruin a trip. One such mistake is thinking you can book rail passes once you get to your destination. International train tickets should always be bought before departure. This ensures that you get the tickets you want and you avoid the risk of tickets being sold out.

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