Canadian Climate for Travel

Canadian Climate for Travel

Visiting Canada? Check out the Weather before traveling, it could be pretty cold!

While officially most of Canada is on the Metric system so you will generally hear weather reports in Celsius, for some reason people tend to refer to water temperature and some other things in Fahrenheit.  Border towns and the province of Quebec are also generally on Fahrenheit so be prepared for that if you are visiting those areas.


As you may imagine, a country the size of Canada has a vast array of weather so keeping this simple is not going to be easy.

The thing to remember most though is that Canadian winters are quite harsh in comparison to most of the world (yes, Melbourne may rain a bit, but in Canada many areas have the needle sit regularly around -15 degrees C. In fact the coldest recorded temperature is a staggering -63 degrees C!

So it's safe to say 3 things about Canadian Weather

  1. Check the area that you are visiting for local weather for the time of year
  2. Bring warm clothes including a warm waterproof jacket
  3. Remember that weather can change quite quickly

BUT despite the cold winters, weather is not as harsh in most of the more densely populated areas.  Most of the larger cities are closer to the border of the US and that far south it simply isn't as cold.

Toronto is the most populated city in Canada so there is a good chance that you are going to visit there.  Its average temperatures are below for easy reference.  Click the image to visit Weather3Travel's site and see more areas and detail.

Weather in Toronto