London By Rail: The Beginning To Any Great European Trip

London By Rail: The Beginning To Any Great European Trip

Visiting London by rail should be on the list of any traveller. Find out about some of the locations you can visit in one of the most iconic cities in the world.

London is arguably one of the worlds' must see cities, and due to its stature as one of the UK's most connected cities, you can easily visit London via train from almost anywhere in Europe. The opposite is also true, as London's railway connections make it a great first leg of any UK and European trip. If you're planning on visiting the crown jewel of England, here are some sights you can see when you visit London.


National gallery

The National Gallery is conveniently located on Trafalgar Square, and better yet, entry into the gallery is completely free. Take the time to visit one of the greatest collections of Western European art, and make sure to check out the range of great events, from art workshops to pop-up bars, that take place on the last Friday of every month.


London Eye

Even though it's a relatively recent addition to the city, the London Eye has become one of its iconic landmarks regardless. The London Eye stands at the River Thames, and offers visitors a unique 360 degree view of the city's skyline, a must-see for any visitor.


The Shard

If you're a fan of epic views, but want some context to go with your skyline, the Shard should be your first stop in London. The observation gallery is at the top three floors of Western Europe's tallest tower, and even has an open-air terrace. The View from the Shard offers telescopes that provide information about London's past present, and even its future.


Buckingham Palace

A classic for any London visitor, Buckingham Palace is one of the many palaces in the city, but is arguably the most famous, being the residence of the Queen. Take some time to experience the picturesque views of the palace, and who knows who you might catch a glimpse of?


Big Ben

If you're strapped for time when visiting London, a quick jaunt to Big Ben will offer you sights of the legendary clock tower, which is also adjacent to the Houses of Parliament, and is of course part of Westminster Abbey. Unfortunately visits inside the clock tower have been closed until 2020, but there is a lot to do and see regardless.


These are just a handful of the iconic landmarks you can see when visiting London. If you want to find out more about visiting London, or how you can schedule a rail trip to see the legendary city, please do not hesitate to contact us today.