The Amalfi Coast And Getting There By Train With The Help Of Trenitalia

The Amalfi Coast And Getting There By Train With The Help Of Trenitalia

Experience the multiple wonders that the Amalfi coastline has to offer. Get quickly and easily with direct and regular train schedules offered by Trenitalia

There are very few tourist destinations around the world as well-resourced as Italy. You'd have to look far and wide to find a land better stacked with as many of the world's finest tourist treasures or a wider eclectic array of things to do.

From the culture-soaked streets of Rome, Naples and Florence with their art galleries, museums, ruins and centuries-old churches to the undulating vineyards in the countryside to the picture perfect beauty of Amalfi. Italy has it all.

But there's something special about Amalfi. It is easy to lose oneself in the stunning beauty that this piece of coastline has to offer. Getting to this Italian paradise is even more of a delight when choosing to travel by train.

Find heaven on earth along the Amalfi Coastline

Amalfi is defined by its unique natural architecture as well as man-made influences. The coastline is home to old-world charm villages and towns that include Positano, Amalfi, Ravello and Limoncello. Become enchanted by the region's craggy charisma of its terraced cliffs, lively fishing hamlets and quaint villas. Raise the hair on your arms as you navigate your way around the exhilarating serpentine drives. This is all in addition to the scintillating ocean vistas and the attraction of sunny seaside resorts.

Reach Amalfi easily by Trenitalia's Fast Train

Getting to Amalfi is easy no matter where you first land in Italy. Rail is one of the more popular, convenient and affordable ways to get to Amalfi and Trenitalia has you covered with one of the more stress-free methods. They offer high speed trains from Rome frequently and directly to Salerno - a great starting point from which to make your way south of the coastline. How high speed? Get from Rome to Salerno in little over an hour.

Whether you're the off-the-beaten path type of holidaymaker or you prefer the more relaxing pastime of a leisurely stroll through villages, there is more than one way to enjoy the many tourist gems that the Amalfi coastline has to offer. Let Trenitalia (Italian for Fast Train) get you there comfortably. And let us at International Rail simplify your train bookings to numerous destinations around the world for you.

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