The Best Phone Apps For Traveling By Rail In Japan

The Best Phone Apps For Traveling By Rail In Japan

Some of the Best Phone Apps for traveling By Rail In Japan are NAVITIME for Japan Travel, Japanese - English dictionary By Cooori, Yomiwa and Tokyo Metro.

The Applications That Serve You Best For Traveling On A JR Line Pass In Japan

If you want to feel at home on the train, using your phone can make you fit in better with the Japanese. In this article, we have listed some of the best applications so you can achieve this goal. There are the applications we thought were best:

App 1 - NAVITIME for Japan Travel

This app is absolutely amazing. Available only in English, this app can get you where you need to go, show your train routes, give you information on restaurants, points of interest, and even open wifi spots in the nearby area. It does require you to be connected to a network to use some features. Both Android and iOS have free and paid versions.

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App 2. Japanese - English dictionary By Cooori

If you are tired of carrying a real dictionary, this may be the perfect app to replace your paper copy. Input the word in either Japanese or English and it will quickly translate it for you. This can come in handy when trying to have a conversation with friends. With over 100k words, an offline mode, and available on both Android and iOS, this application is truly amazing.

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App 3. Yomiwa

With this app you can target Kanji with your camera and quickly discover their meaning. You don't need a date connection, and the app is actually really reliable and fast. This means you can get information on the Kanji very quickly. As you know, many Kanji are similar, for this reason the app provides a list of all the similar Kanji so you can make sure your information is correct. This is a great application to use when looking at Menus in Japan.

It is available for 3.99 dollars or pounds, depending on the app store, on iOS. Sadly, an Android app is still in development.

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App 4. Tokyo Metro

This is the official app for the Tokyo Metro. While we have talked about applications for the Tokyo Metro in the past, this application is better than all of the others. You can navigate from a search or from a simple map with all of the station names listed. You get all of the information from travel time and transfers to ticket prices for the trips you are planning. This application, which is free on both iOS and Android, also tells you where you can get free Wifi in stations.

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App. 5 Voice Tra+

For best results, you will want to use more basic sentences. When trying to work with more difficult sentences, ones pertaining to merits of work and honor for example, are a little less reliable. It doesn't need a network connection and is free on both iOS and Android for easy access.

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App. 6 Line

Line is basically the Whatsapp of Japan. A popular and fun messenger service. If you want to make friends in Japan, you will want to use this application to keep in contact with them. It is available for iOS, Windows, Android, and some Japan specific platforms.

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