What exactly does the Eurail Pass Cover?

What exactly does the Eurail Pass Cover?

Learn where your Eurail pass is valid, what happens if you are traveling through countries not covered by your pass and more.

While traveling on trains on the Eurail network you will need to have your ticket to show the inspector.  Your ticket will come in a cover to protect it on your journey.

Is my Eurail Pass legal for all trains and boats in Europe?

Your pass entitles you to transport on all national railways and shipping lines listed in your Eurail Pass Cover, and on other private railways listed in the Eurail Rail Planner App.

For free passing on international ferry routes, your Eurail Pass should be legal for the nation of arrival AND ALSO departure. For discounted passage, the pass should be valid for the nation of departure OR the country of arrival.

Please be aware that surcharges and reservation prices required for overnight beds and seats on certain international and high-speed trains aren't included.

What if I have to travel through a country?

If any part of your journey passes through a state not covered by your pass, you will need to get a ticket for this leg of your journey. Since tickets on the train will likely be more expensive do this at a ticket counter ahead of time. For instance, when you plan to travel in Sebia and have a Eurail Global Pass, you'll need to buy a separate ticket for this particular section of the journey, as this country does not participate in the Eurail Global Pass offer.

How frequently can I use my Eurail Pass?

It depends on the type you have. Eurail Global Passes, valid for 28 countries, come in two forms:

  • The Continuous Pass could be utilized as frequently as you would like during the period it is valid for
  • The Flexi Pass can only be utilized during the time of validity for a certain number of travel days. Eurail Passes that just cover specific geographical areas (Eurail Select, Eurail Regional, and Eurail One Country Passes) are all considered Flexi Passes.



Please note that you can take your first excursion with anytime after 00.00 hours on the first day that your pass is valid and you must complete your last excursion by midnight (24.00 hours) on the last day of validity