Why Planning Is Key When Purchasing Your Japan Rail Ticket

Why Planning Is Key When Purchasing Your Japan Rail Ticket

If there’s a country that has perfected train travel, it’s Japan. Let International Rail show you how to prepare so you can get most Japan Rail Ticket.

The enigmatic country of Japan has long been a popular destination for tourists. It's a country responsible for introducing the world to sushi, Zen gardens and sake - and of course, it's also at the forefront of technology.

One of the best reasons to visit Japan is also to experience its unique features - its high speed bullet trains, or 'Shinkansen'. This means you get to enjoy the Shinkansen as part of your trip, while getting transported to any destination between Hokkaido and Hiroshima.

If you intend on visiting Japan and using rail as your primary method of transportation, here's what you need to take into consideration in your planning:


  • You'll need to buy your Pass in advance: Japan Rail Passes (are highly recommended as it allows for unrestricted travel all over the country using the JR lines) cannot be purchased in Japan or by Japanese residents for personal use. You'll need to purchase one before you embark on your trip using your temporary visitor status, booking a ticket as a foreign tourist visiting from abroad.
  • You'll need to plan your trip: Most of us make allowances for travel delays when travelling abroad. But in Japan, the efficiency and predictability of every single train (barring a major unforeseen event) is such that you can plan your arrivals and departure down to the minute. And still feel confident!

    On the downside, this also means that if you are late by seconds you could miss your trip, so be punctual.
  • You'll need to reserve seating, depending on when you're travelling: The Japan Rail Pass lets you book seating free of charge once you're in Japan. It's not really necessary, but if you're visiting in peak periods such as during Cherry Blossom Season, Golden Week, Obon or the New Year we'd strongly recommend it.


Purchasing your actual Japan Rail Pass is a breeze, and knowing when and how to use it is equally simple. To purchase your Japan Rail Pass click here. It's something well worth organizing before you've left Australia, so you can relax and enjoy the ride on your actual holiday.