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London Oyster Card Conditions

London Oyster Card Conditions

Pass Conditions

  • Valid for zones 1 - 6 travel on the Tube, Docklands Light Railway, bus and tram, and some National Rail services
  • Pre-loaded with £20 worth of travel
  • No date restrictions on pay as you go balance.
  • Reusable, you simply add value to your card the next time you visit London.
  • Transferable, you can pass your card on to friends/family who visit London.


Pass Refunds

  • Should a customer wish to surrender their Oyster card and obtain a refund of any pay as you go value that remains on the card, a Tube station will refund immediately amounts up to £5 on presentation/cancellation of the card.
  • If the balance on the card is in excess of this amount, the Tube station ticket office will supply a refund form which must be completed and handed in with the card. A sterling cheque will be posted to the customer, who will be responsible for paying any exchange rate fees.
  • Lost or Stolen passes are not refundable and cannot be replaced.



Failed cards

  • If a card stops working, customers should be advised to call at a Tube station ticket office or contact the number printed on the back of the card.