German Consecutive Pass Conditions

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German Consecutive Pass Conditions

German Consecutive Pass Conditions

Pass Conditions

  • Passes must be validated within 11 months from the date of issue.
  • Passes must be validated prior to your first train trip.
  • All members listed on the pass must be present when validating the pass.
  • The 7pm rule: If you begin your trip on a direct overnight train departing after 19.00h (7pm) and arriving after 4.00h (4am), only enter the date of arrival in the travel calendar on your ticket.
  • Free bonuses use a day of your pass.
  • If transiting through a country not covered by your pass, you will need to purchase a separate ticket locally
  • German passes cannot be used by residents of Europe, the UK, the Russian Federation, Morocco, Algeria, Tunsia and Turkey.
  • Your Germany Pass is valid in the class indicated on the Pass. 1st class passes can also be valid in 2nd class cars. For 1st class travel with a 2nd class pass, you need to pay the full difference between 1st and 2nd class fare locally on the respective route.
  • There is no refund for 1st class pass holders traveling in 2nd class.
  • Seat and Sleeper reservations are not included in the price of a pass. They must be purchased in addition to the pass and are subject to availability.
  • Passholder seats are limited.

Also valid on the following services outside of Germany:

  • on ICE International trains to Liège and Brussels
  • on DB IC Buses to Strasbourg, Prague, Kraków, Antwerp, Brussels, Szczecin, Zagreb and Copenhagen,
  • on DB-OeBB EuroCity trains to Kufstein, Innsbruck, Bolzano/Bozen, Trento, Verona, Bologna, Venice.
  • on DB IC Buses on the following lines:
  • Berlin Hbf Europaplatz- viaRostock/Hamburg- Copenhagen
  • Berlin-Wroclaw(Glowny)-Katowice-Kraków
  • Dusseldorf-Roermond-Eindhoven-Antwerp-Ghent-Lille
  • Dusseldorf-Maastricht-Liège
  • Frankfurt (Main)-Frankfurt Hahn Airport-Trier-Luxemburg
  • Hamburg-Amsterdam (Sloterdijk)
  • Munich-Memmingen-Chur-Como-Milano
  • Munich-Regensburg-Prague
  • Mannheim-Heidelberg-Nuremberg (ZOB)-Prague
  • Leipzig-Prague

Pass Refunds

  • Passes must be returned to International Rail within 12 months from the date of issue.
  • Passes must be unused and in original condition.
  • A cancellation fee of 25% applies to approved refunds.
  • Lost or Stolen passes are not refundable and cannot be replaced.


Reissuing Passes

German Passes cannot be re-issued. Refund rules apply.