Buy Eurostar train tickets online for the Eurostar high-speed train service from London to Paris and Brussels.

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International Cruise

Eurostar - London to Paris/ Brussels

Eurostar is the premier, state of the art high-speed train to Paris, Brussels and now Avignon* at speeds up to 300km/h

Delivering passengers in style to the heart of these major cities in around 2hrs and 15 mins. If it is convenience that you are after, take the Eurostar and avoid the airport blues.

IMPORTANT: Book live e-tickets online by completing the Rail Ticket Search box on the left side of this page.

Prices start from:

  • London to Paris & v.v from AUD95.00 per adult one way
  • London to Brussels & v.v from AUD95.00 per adult one way

Use the Rail Ticket Search Box to the left, to find live availability & train times.

Limited Discounts offered to:

  • Passholders* (passes must be validated before travel).
  • Youth: 12-25
  • Senior 60 & over
  • Child: 4-11

Passholder discounts apply to the below

  1. Eurail Global Passes only

Check in Times

  • Allow 45-60 mins for Standard and Premier Standard
  • 10 mins for business class

Advance purchase fares (shown above)

  • Non-Changeable and Non-refundable.
  • A return journey is double the one way fare.

Direct Services Travel Between:

  • London & Paris
  • London & Paris Disney (operates once a day)
  • London & Brussels
  • London to Amsterdam (return direction not yet possible)
  • London & Lille
  • London & Calais
  • London & Avignon*
  • London & Lyon*
  • London & Marseille*
  • Ebbsfleet & Paris
  • Ebbsfleet & Brussels
  • Ebbsfleet & Lille
  • Ebssfleet & Calais
  • Ashford & Paris
  • Ashford & Brussels
  • Ashford & Lille
  • Ashford & Calais

* London to Lyon/Avignon/Marseille v.v. operates between May & December only, with limited departures.

Accommodation on Board

  • Standard (2nd class)
  • Standard Premier (1st class)
  • Business Premier (1st class for business - the ultimate Eurostar experience)

For more information on the above classes of accommodation & what they include, click here.

Eurostar is the premier, state of the art high-speed train between London, Paris and Brussels