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Are the days consecutive or flexible?

KiwiRail passes now have a consecutive & Flexi day option.

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Do we need to travel together?

Passengers booked on the same pass must travel together at all times.

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Do we need to reserve train seats?

All travel and seating is subject to availability, so booking ahead is advisable. A toll free number will be provided along with your pass.

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Do ferries need to be reserved?

InterIsland ferries covered by the pass must be booked at least 24 hours in advance. A toll free number will be provided along with your pass.
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What is the minimum check in time?

Passengers must check in at least 20 minutes prior to the train departure time or 45 minutes prior to ferry departure time.
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Are there discounts?

We are unable to offer discounted prices for Seniors or Students for KiwiRail services.

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What are the child ages?

The infant age is between 0-23 months, the child age is between 2-14 years inclusive. Children aged from two years must be allocated a seat. All children under the age of 14 years must be accompanied by an adult. An infant travels free if seated on an adults knee one infant per adult can travel in this manner. If an infant under two years of age is to travel in a car seat, a seat is to be allocated at the applicable fare.
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Luggage Restrictions

Checked Baggage Allowance: 2 items per person, maximum weight 20 kg per item. Size must be no more than 200 linear cm (height plus length plus width).

Baggage between 20-30kg: we require your assistance in loading and unloading your bag from the baggage van or you can repack into bags provided to meet the 20kg per item limit.

Baggage over 30kg: will not be accepted, your baggage will need to be repacked into bags provided to meet the 20kg per item limit.

Extra Baggage (eg surfboard, bicycles) will be carried only if space is available at a cost of $10 per item per service. Hazardous or offensive items will be rejected at check-in. Hand Baggage, which is obstructing passenger areas, will be moved to the baggage van.

KiwiRail advises passengers to insure all baggage and personal items. Please remember to attach labels with your contact details at your destination.

Can I take a bike on the train?

Bicycles are charged at a rate of $10 per train service and are limited to one per passenger. Passengers are advised to book in advance as space is limited on all services and transport of bicycles which are not pre-booked cannot be guaranteed. Removal of pedal, folding of handlebars, covering of chains and all sharp edges may be requested.

Are animals allowed on the train?

No animals are permitted on KiwiRail trains other than seeing-eye dogs.
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Can I drink alcohol on the train?

All KiwiRail services are fully licensed. A range of alcoholic beverages are available for purchase on board. Passengers are prohibited from taking their own alcohol on board any KiwiRail service for consumption during travel. Passengers transporting alcohol (e.g. a case of wine) are asked to have it carried in the baggage van en route.

Is smoking permitted on board?

By law all KiwiRail trains are designated non-smoking services. Passengers may not smoke anywhere on board.