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How do I use my pass once I get to the UK?

Before the first time you use it must be validated by presenting the rail pass and passport at a train station ticket window, prior to boarding the train. This is only necessary the first time and after that, you have the freedom of unlimited travel all day according to the validity of your pass. If you have a flexipass, the only thing you will need to do is fill in the date box for the day you want to travel.
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What is the difference between a Britrail Flexi and Consecutive Pass?

A Consecutive-day Pass provides unlimited rail travel for the duration of the Pass, once it has been validated. You do not have to travel everyday but the more you travel the better value for money.

The Flexi-type Pass gives the passholder a 1 or 2 month period from the validation date to utilize the number of days they have purchased for their Pass. (eg: the 4 day flexipass allows 4 days of travel in a 1 month period. The 15 day flexipass allows 15 days of travel in a 2 month period)
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What is a rail day?

A travel day is midnight to midnight. This allows for unlimited travel on any number of trains for each day of use.

A month on a pass is counted as a calendar month. For example, a pass that begins on February 11th, will expire at midnight on March 10th
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Are seat reservations included in my pass?

Seat reservations/passholder fares are an additional cost to a rail pass and an open dated ticket. Not all trains require a seat reservation.

Where a passholder fare is available, you can purchase a seat reservation through International Rail for that train for an additional fee.

Passholder fares are limited on each train and once they are sold out, a higher passholder fare or full fare needs to be purchased

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Does a passholder have to pay an additional charge for seat reservations?

Your railpass allows you to board a train, but does not guarantee you a seat reservation. To make sure you get the seat reservation you desire, you must purchase a reservation.
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How far in advance can a seat reservation be made?

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When do I get my seat numbers allocations?

Seat numbers are printed on your tickets where applicable
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Are seats guaranteed next to each other?

No, however the system will allocate seats automatically next to each other as long as there is enough availability.

In the unlikely event where you are not seated together is usually due to limited availability on the train.
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Are there any Sleeper Supplements?

Holders of First Class tickets enjoy a single berth cabin on payment of the First Class reservation supplement. Holders of all Standard travel tickets travel in a 2 berth cabin on payment of the standard supplement. The number of berths available to holders of discounted tickets may be restricted at any time.
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Do Sleeper services operate Nightly?

Sleeper services operate nightly Sunday to Friday. There are no sleeper services on a Saturday night.

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Why can't some train be booked from Australia?

Not all train reservations are open for international reservations. Some shorter journeys can not be reserved from Australia usually trips less than 1hr. At times there may be system issues which mean we can't get access to confirm trains
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What's the difference between 1st and 2nd class seats?

1st class has fewer seats per carriage, more leg/luggage room and more spacious seats.
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Is there a minimum connection time?

There is no compulsory minimum connection time between trains however International Rail does not recommend a connection time less than 10min.

Please note that if you are transiting between two London stations it is highly recommended that you allow at least 2 hours connecting time to your next train.
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What are the luggage restrictions on trains?

There is no luggage limit (except on few trains such as the Eurostar), however traveller's have to carry their luggage themselves, therefore we suggest you travel as light as possible.

Please Note - UK railroads will assume no responsibility for any luggage in case of lost or stolen. All luggage kept in any storage areas will remain under the sole responsibility of the traveler.
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Where can I put my luggage/suitcases?

Few trains have a luggage coach; the majority have either overhead storage racks, storage room behind the back of the seats or luggage storage areas at end of each carriage.
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Can I bring a bike on the train?

In some cases only, normally your bicycle must be boxed and placed in a separate car, or it might have to be transported on a separate train. Extra charges may apply, and you must arrange bike transport locally.
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Are dogs allowed on the train?

No. Pets are not allowed on Eurostar trains or on trains within Great Britain.

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Are there facilities for handicapped passengers?

Special amenities for disabled travelers are offered on trains and at many train stations, and are clearly indicated with pictograms (for telephones, toilets, elevators, etc.)

Special equipment is also available for use by handicapped passengers. This equipment must be reserved locally in advance. Be sure to specify if you need personal assistance (whether with a wheelchair, boarding, etc.).
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Are dining cars available on all trains in the UK?

There are no dining cars are available on any trains in the UK.
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What kind of Room Service is offered on Sleepers?

Sleepers have full air-conditioning and fingertip temperature control. Each cabin has wall-to-wall carpet, mirror, shaver sockets, drinking water - as well as hot water for the washbasin, and a comfortable bed.

Steward(ess) service is available at the touch of a button throughout the journey. In the morning, pre-arranged morning calls will be given with complimentary morning newspaper, orange juice, croissant, preserve and tea or coffee in single berth cabins, or tea or coffee and biscuits in 2 berth cabins.

On First ScotRail's Caledonian Sleepers there is a complimentary breakfast of orange juice, cereal, croissant, preserve, muesli bar and tea or coffee for customers travelling in single berth cabins. In two-berth cabins the complimentary breakfast will consist of croissant, preserve, tea, coffee or orange juice.
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What is offered in Lounge Cars?

The Lounge Car offers a pleasant relaxing atmosphere in which to unwind before a night's rest. A full range of drinks, snacks and meals are available. Hot and continental breakfasts are served in the morning. On First ScotRail's Caledonian Sleeper services breakfast orders must be placed with the Steward before retiring. At busy times, use of the Lounge Car may be restricted to First Class ticket holders.
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