Watch the German landscape stream by your window. Train travel in Germany is a relaxing and comfortable way to travel.

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The German Railway (Deutsche Bahn) provides excellent and frequent train services linking all of Germany.

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  • Berlin to Frankfurt from $57.00 per person one way
  • Berlin to Hamburg from $57.00 per person one way
  • Berlin to Munich from $76.00 per person one way
  • Berlin to Amsterdam from $94.00 per person one way
  • Frankfurt to Cologne $40.00 per person one way
  • Berlin to Prague $67.00 per person one way

The fares above are subject to availability and fees apply. We are not limited to the above examples.

DB Rail Network

DB has a widespread network covering over 34,000 km of track and close to 39,000 train journeys a year.

Watch the German landscape stream by your window. Train travel in Germany is a relaxing and comfortable way to travel.

International Rail is the official Australian partner of Deutsche Bahn. We have direct access to the German Rail reservation system which enables us to offer great prices and excellent availability for German train travel. You will have access to the full range of fares including advance purchase and other discounted fares.

The ICE. Deutsche Bahn's fastest train

The ICE (Intercity-Express) is the fastest and most comfortable way of travelling on the Deutsche Bahn network, reaching speeds of up to 320 km/h, and new standards of excellence.

Deutsche Bahn's first ICE made its debut in 1991 and operates between several major European cities including international destinations in Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Platform interchanges from ICE to ICE are possible at many stations without long walking distances in between. The comfort and convenience of the ICE are sure to win you over. ICE trains are fully air-conditioned and have a low noise level.

During the journey you can leave your luggage in one of the ICE lockers in the vestibules, e.g. when visiting the on-Board-Restaurant. The deposit will be returned to you when you remove your luggage. The service crew on the train also takes orders for taxis or porters. The taxi or porter will then be waiting for you when you reach your destination.

Some 1st Class coaches feature individual video screens at the seat. Almost all 1st and 2nd Class seats have an integrated audio connection. You can choose between three radio stations and the ICE programmes which feature classical music/jazz, rock/pop and the children's channel. Electric sockets for laptops or DVD players can be found in many 1st class carriages.

The main routes are:

Within Germany

  • Hamburg - Hannover - Frankfurt - Stuttgart
  • Berlin - Frankfurt - Mannheim - Basel
  • Bonn - Koeln - Duesseldorf - Hannover - Berlin
  • Dortmund - Koeln - Frankfurt - Nuernberg - Muenchen
  • Muenchen - Wuerzburg - Hannover - Hamburg
  • Frankfurt - Leipzig - Dresden
  • Muenchen - Stuttgart - Mannheim - Frankfurt
  • Muenchen - Nuernberg - Leipzig - Berlin

International services

  • Hamburg - Frankfurt - Mannheim - Basel - Zuerich
  • Amsterdam - Utrecht - Duesseldorf - Koeln - Frankfurt
  • Frankfurt - Saarbruecken - Paris Est
  • Frankfurt - Koeln - Aachen - Liège - Bruxelles Midi
  • Interlaken Ost - Bern - Basel - Mannheim - Berlin
  • Vienna - Nuernberg - Frankfurt - Koeln - Dortmund
  • Berlin / Hamburg - Luebeck - Copenhagen

Intercity and Eurocity Trains

Faster than regional trains, IC and EC trains connect major cities, reaching speeds of 200 km/h. Both Intercity and Eurocity trains run frequently, either every hour or two hours depending on the destination. Intercity trains run exclusively in Germany, while Eurocity trains reach neighbouring European countries. Both trains are exceptionably comfortable and offer many amenities that are sure to satisfy.

Almost all Intercity or Eurocity trains have a On-Board-restaurant and/or a On-Board-bistro. The Intercity trains of DB Bahn have been recently updated to include electric outlets at table seats of the center aisle in coaches of both classes. Eurocity trains consist partly of wagons from neighbouring train companies and may vary in terms of equipment.

DB Bahn gets you there faster in its new generation of regional trains

DB Bahn offers new and improved regional trains, boasting comfortable seats, spacious multi-purpose compartments and boarding at platform level, all to make your journey more comfortable and enjoyable.

Departure at regular intervals with easy-to-remember departure times makes travelling short distances or transferring to long-distance trains more pleasant.

The following local trains are available in Germany:

RegionalExpress (RE)
The RegionalExpress connects cities and offers travel in comfortable modern trains. It leaves at regular intervals and links local to long-distance trains.

Regionalbahn (RB)
The Regionalbahn offers a basic service from all local stations. It provides the connection between the regions and the city centres. It also provides connections to the RegionalExpress.

The S-Bahn serves highly populated areas, leaving at short, regular intervals. Some S-Bahn stations have access to longer distance regional trains, making travel within the city and between cities a breeze.

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