France Eurail Bonuses

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France Eurail Bonuses

Eurail Pass holders are granted reduced fares and sometimes even free offers with many companies

Including ferry crossings, sightseeing attractions and hotels. The traveler can obtain these discounts locally with  the company offering the discount.

Rules for using extra Pass Benefits

  • For free passage on international ferry routes, the Eurail Pass must be valid for the country of departure AND the country of arrival.
  • For a reduced passage, the Eurail Pass must be valid for the country of departure OR the country of arrival.
  • If traveling at a reduced rate, the travel may take place at any time, provided it is within the overall validity of the Eurail Pass, even if all the travel days in the calendar have been used up.

When traveling on a Flexi Pass (with a certain number of flexible travel days) please note:

  • Free transportation requires use of a travel day; in case of a free overnight ferry, the holder may either enter the day of departure or the day of arrival in the calendar.
  • Reduction benefits do not require use of a travel day.


Reduced boat services

Irish Ferries 30% discount;

  • Roscoff-Rosslare (May to September)*
  • Cherbourg-Rosslare (February to December)*

    *No daily sailings, reservation compulsory.

France +33(0)233 234 444Skype Logo1+33(0)233 234 444 ; Ireland +353(0)818 300 400+353(0)818 300 400

Bateaux Parisiens - 50% discount;

  • Seine river excursions

Other Pass Benefits

Admission with a discount

Bus SNCF free transportation

  • Canfranc-Oloron
  • Digne-Veynes
  • Digne-St. Auban

Chemins de Fer Corse 50% discount;

  • All journeys in Corsica

Chemins de Fer de Provence 50% discount;

  • Digne-Nice