Passholder Information

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Passholder Information

Rules and General Information

To make your seat reservation online, fill out the "Rail Ticket Search" box to the left.

If you need help, contact us. Please also read the important information below.

To use a passholder fare you must hold a valid rail pass. The pass must also cover ALL countries the train travels through.

WARNING: trains sometimes travel through countries other than the start and finish country, for example

  • A journey from Munich to Zurich the train goes through Austria, therefore you must have Austria on your rail pass as well as Germany and Switzerland.
  • A train from Prague to Budapest goes through Slovakia.
  • A train from Paris to Cologne passes through Belgium.

Please check with us if you think this may apply to your journey before purchasing a passholder fare.

  • 2nd class passholders can only purchase 2nd class passholder fares.