Choosing the Best Eurail Pass | Rail Pass or Train Ticket

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Choosing the Best Rail Passes

Is a Rail Pass or Train Ticket cheaper? Please Help me choose...


As a general rule, if you are doing more than 2 longer journeys (in excess of 45mins) within Europe, rail passes become better value. You may choose between the following passes:

Train tickets can be better value if you are doing 1 or 2 shorter journeys in Europe. International Rail has access to over 65,000 point to point journeys throughout UK and Europe.

Here are some useful tips to pick the right pass for your itinerary:

  • Identify the countries you will be traveling through.
  • Pick a Pass that includes the countries you are visiting.
  • Calculate the number of days you will be traveling by train.
  • Select the corresponding rail pass.
  • Note, even if you have 1 or 2 spare days on a rail pass, it is often still better value than purchasing individual train tickets. Spare days can be used for side trips or additional journeys.

When choosing your pass, please note the following:

  • The Eurostar service between London and Paris/ Brussells is not included on a European Rail Pass. This may be purchased in addition as a passholder supplement, which is a special reduced fare for rail pass holders.
  • British Rail is included in the Eurail Program.
  • Reservations and Passholder supplements apply on most High Speed European Trains, and need be factored in to the cost of a rail pass.