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Save up to 90% on global roaming!

If you book with International Rail you will qualify for a FREE RoamingSIM card.

RoamingSIM, powered by Know Roaming, is a low-cost international SIM card that can help you save up to 85% on your global roaming costs.   The SIM can be used in your unlocked mobile device for voice, text and data in 200 countries.  You can make and receive calls, send texts and access data almost anywhere in the world.  Simply replace your ordinary SIM with a RoamingSIM whilst overseas, download the APP and you will have access to great rates and data bundles to ensure you no longer have to worry about the bill shock when you get home.

This product is best suited to those who travel for leisure or the odd business trip.

If you make an International Rail booking and wish to redeem this offer, please email and advise the following:

  1. Full Name
  2. The Email Address you would like the SIM pre-registered to
  3. Contact Phone number
  4. Your International Rail Order Number (INTA……….)
  5. Departure date from Australia
  6. Delivery Address (the SIM will be sent by standard Australia Post allow 10 business days)


For your convenience, we will pre-register your SIM for you using the Contact name, Email address and Phone number you supply to us.  We will forward instructions on how to set up and manage the SIM once the order is complete.

Please note the SIM does not include credit/airtime.  In order to utilise the SIM you will be required to add credit.  Credit and all financial transactions with KnowRoaming occur in US Dollars (USD).  Your credit will remain active for 9 months from date of purchase unless you top up again in which case your 9 months restarts from that date.

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