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Japan Rail Passes

Choose from one of the many great value Japan Rail passes (JR Rail Pass)

Japan Rail Passes offer excellent value for train travel throughout Japan. The railway network is both convenient and highly efficient, and covers every corner of the four major islands of Japan.

The trains are frequent (with over 20,000 departures every day), punctual and safe. Known as "Shinkansens " or "bullet trains", you will experience high levels of comfort, with high back leather seats, plenty of legroom and large viewing windows. They are available for travel in 1st or 2nd class, and a variety of consecutive durations, depending on your needs.

The sightseeing experience of rail travel in Japan is amazing. You will ride in comfort and view the most beautiful scenery from mountains and forests, to lakes and the sea.

Japan Rail Passes or otherwise known as JR Rail Passes are available only to foreign travelers visiting Japan from other countries, or Japan Nationals living permanently in a foreign country.

Japan Rail Passes are not available for sale in Japan, so be sure to purchase your pass before you leave Australia. Point to point train tickets are not able to be sold outside Japan, and seat reservations can only be made once in Japan.