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Press Releases



1 February 2017


INTERNATIONAL Rail, Australia's leading locally owned dedicated rail specialist, has just released a selection of free 'rail travel days' when a Eurail One country, Two country or Global Pass is purchased between February 1 and March 31.

The popular Eurail Global Flexi Pass is available for 10 and 15 days over two months- all will receive 2 extra free travel days.

Alternatively, customers can purchase a one month consecutive Global Pass and receive five extra travel days.

An example is the 10-day Eurail Global Saver Pass in first class with two free days of travel starting from $885 per person.

There is also a free travel day offer on Eurail Two Country Passes for four, five, six, eight and 10 day travel days over two months, with each pass purchased allowing one free travel day.

Passes can be validated up to 11 months after the issue date and are available in adult, youth and saver categories.

As a bonus, with every Eurail pass purchased, receive a complimentary RoamingSIM card (valued at $19.95). The SIM, which carries discounted phone charges of up to 90 percent and has coverage in 230 countries, will assist travellers to save large amounts on their global roaming bills for data, text message and voice phone calls.

For more details contact International Rail on 1300-387-245 or visit

5 December 2016


Melbourne-based rail specialist International Rail has announced that the reservation booking system for Italian trains are now open for beyond mid-December travel when the timetables are updated for the winter and spring seasons.

You can now make live bookings online for travel up until mid-April, 2017, on all high-speed and regional train services on the Trenitalia network.

Managing director Jonathan Hume said this is highly beneficial, as most Australians prefer arranging rail bookings in advance and that this change allows greater flexibility and cheaper fares.

International Rail has special ongoing advance purchase fares on Italian High Speed Trains of up to 60% off the standard fare, with popular routes such as Milan to Venice from only $29 per person in second class.

Contact IR by calling 1300 387 245 or email

28 September 2016


The integration of Rail  Plus with Rail Europe will leave Jonathan Hume's Melbourne-based International Rail as the only Australian owned dedicated rail supplier to the Australian travel industry.

CEO Hume said this week that international rail travel was such a complicated product that local service and support was paramount for agents to best service their clients.

He added, "We firmly believe that the personal service we offer agents has been a key contributor  to our continuing growth over recent years.

"Our personal service is our difference and being located in the one office in Melbourne is critical to the efficient service of  our agents".

10 October 2012


RAIL experts, International Rail have seen a surge in rail booking to Asia since they officially launched their new services in China, Vietnam & Thailand in September this year.

Managing director Jonathan Hume said the most popular destination had been China, with a constant stream of bookings for the Beijing to Shanghai route available on the new high speed train network, which opened last year and has reduced the journey to less than five hours.

Mr Hume added , "Asia is a good region for the rail industry to help maintain sales volumes during the traditional European "off-peak" season.

"Also encouraging is the fact that IR customers have reported  ticket deliveries to their hotels have been reliable and smooth. They reported that it  was comforting to know that trains have been pre-booked by a reliable operator back home, especially when they are discovering new destinations."

Also proving popular in the Australian market are the overnight trains in Thailand and Vietnam, which are considered a great alternative for people saving on accommodation whilst reaching their next destination. A sleeper cabin from Hanoi to Saigon starts from only $90 per person.

For more information from or telephone 1300-EURAIL (387 245)

21 September 2012


RAIL experts International Rail will be offering additions to the overnight service between Paris, Milan and Venice from December 9.

The popular Thello service will then also operate between Gare de Lyon in Paris, Bolgna, Florence Campo de Marte and Rome.

Discounted advance purchase fares will apply to the service and will be on sale from Trenitalia from October.

International Rail boss Jonathan Hume said that, as usual, there will be direct access to booking this train on IR's website and tickets will be electronic.

Timetables and fares will be announced shortly.

The new service provides travellers with a clear choice for comfortable, overnight travel from 1st class single sleepers to 6 berth couchettes. It has a range of meal services available through Trenitalia's new catering partner Sky Chefs. Passengers can enjoy sit down dinner and breakfast, there's a bar for drinks and casual snacks and a mini-bar along the couchette sleepers.

More details from IR by calling 1300 387 245, email or visit

2 July 2012


Melbourne-based rail specialist International Rail has  been appointed the exclusive Australian distributor for the Austrian Railways (OEBB) services which is offering discounts  of up to 65 per cent of some fares.

This partnership adds to IR's increasing range of European railway representation which already includes Italian and German Railways.

The direct access to the OEBB reservation system will result in IR being able to offer highly competitive fares and better availability on key Austrian routes for both Australian agents and consumers.

Benefits include advance purchase discounts up to 65 per cent off standard day and overnight fares not only within Austria but across Austrian boarders to other countries will be available exclusively through International Rail.

Travel from Vienna to Prague from $73 per person for first class, which is 50 per cent cheaper than other rail providers or for those travelling extensively around the country, purchase the Austrian Rail pass from $30 per day in second class.

For more details contact IR by calling 1300 387 245 or visiting


1 June 2012


THE Italian Railways have just introduced a new range of fares for the northern summer season.

Consisting of three new levels Base, Economy and Super Economy they are now available exclusively through the official distributor in Australia for Trenitalia Melbourne-based rail specialist International Rail.

The new range is available from June 10 for the European peak travel season and has been designed to offer travellers a more simple, affordable and convenient way of purchasing tickets.

There are one million discounted new fares available each month and they are valid on most high speed services between popular cities, including Milan to Rome for as little as $14 per person in second class.

All tickets are fully electronic and can be printed from your computer prior to your departure, or simply provide the booking number to the conductor on board.

To avoid disappointment whilst in Italy, due to the high demand for certain sectors, it is important to book your seats in advance before departing Australia- they can be reserved up to three months in advance.

Customers can access Italian trains live through a direct connection on the IR website or by calling 1300 387 245.


26 July 2011


International Rail are offering rail travellers bonus free mobile phone services with bookings which exceed $800.

The incentives apply to the company's full range of international product which includes Eurail Passes, Eurostar, BritRail, European services and Japan Rail Passes.

Travellers will receive a Roaming SIM card which carries discounted phone charges of up to 90% valued at about $50.

International Rail specializes in rail booking services in the UK and Europe, the US and Canada, Asia, Australia and New Zealand and add-on products like London Oyster Card.

Live train bookings can be made on-line or by telephone and email with no difference in booking fees. Most tickets are issued electronically so they can be simply printed off at home before commencing travel.

For more information from or telephone 1300-EURAIL (387 245)


Melbourne-based rail specialist International Rail has just announced that reservation system for Italian trains over the summer period is now open.

International Rail can now also offer consumers exclusive new advance purchase fares known as "Saver Fares" which have been discounted up to 60 per cent.

Fares start from $41 in 2nd class from Rome to Florence.

To avoid disappointment whilst in Italy, due to the high demand for certain sectors, it is important to book your seats in advance before departing Australia.

Customers can access Italian trains live through a direct connection on the IR website or by calling 1300 387 245.


Melbourne-based rail specialist International Rail has just announced that they are now an official partner of the German Railways Deutsche Bahn.

Consumers can now be offered more competitive fares and improved availability on key German routes as well as with the German Rail pass.

For example, travel from Frankfurt to Munich from $122 per person or for those planning extensive travel around the country, purchase the German Rail pass from $70 per day.

For other fares, routes and passes in Germany contact International Rail on 1300-387 245 or visit or by calling 1300 387 245.


1 October 2010


Melbourne-based rail specialist International Rail has just announced that they now have access to seats on key Russian railway routes.

Consumers can now book tickets on one of the most popular Europe to Russia routes - Helsinki to St Petersburg - which only takes about five hours and is priced from $125 per person on the efficient Finnish Sibelius train.

The best way to get around Russia is the Moscow and St Petersburg train with three departures a day. Tickets start from $204 per person.