Maharajas Express

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Maharajas Express

Maharajas Express

Explore 7 majestic royal journeys on the Maharajas Express.

Location: India

India needs no explanation, as the wonderful panoramas, breathtakingly romantic buildings, rich cultures, sites and sounds are known to all. But to travel in the luxury of such a majestic train through these beautiful visions evoke a wealth of feelings and delights.

The Maharajas Express takes one back to an elegance of a bygone era, whilst maintaining all the modern comforts that can cater for 88 passengers. The pneumatic and hydraulic suspension systems ensure a smoother train ride.

Along with exquisite, comfortable dining and lounge cars, there are luxurious cabin choices. They all have large panoramic windows. The 24-hour valet service ensures that passengers have a comfortable experience, from having drinks brought to their cabins through to preparing cabins for the night.

Designed to recreate the elegance and pageantry of the personal carriages of erstwhile Maharajas, the interiors of the Maharajas Express are full of nostalgia.

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