Thello Night Train

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International Cruise
Thello, France to Italy overnight. Paris to Milan or Venice from $65 2nd class

Thello Night Train

Travel overnight between France and Italy

Prices start from AUD57.00 per person one way!

To book or check prices for the Thello night train, fill out the "Rail ticket search" box at top left corner of this page.


Thello Routes:

  • Paris to Milano (and v.v.) - offering connecting services to Roma and Firenze
  • Paris to Venezia (and v.v.)

As well as Thello, you can also travel from Paris to Turin & Milan in Italy by daytime high-speed TGV train. Contact Us for fares and information.


All passengers on the Thello sleeper train get a sleeping berth in either a proper sleeping-car or more economical couchette car.  There are no ordinary seats.  The berths convert to seating for evening and morning use.  The trains are entirely non-smoking, and there's a restaurant car for waiter-service meals, drinks & snacks.

  • Single 1 bed cabin (Gender Specific - Includes breakfast & washing facilities)
  • Double 2 bed cabin (Gender Specific - Includes breakfast & washing facilities)
  • T3 3 bed cabin (Gender Specific - Includes breakfast & washing facilities)
  • T4 4 bed cabin (Not Gender Specific - Shared facilities)
  • T6 6 bed cabin (Not Gender Specific - Shared facilities)

Single, Double & 3 Berth Comartments

  • A sleeper offers fully-made-up beds in small but cosy private compartments.  Each compartment has an upper, middle and lower bed and can be used for single, double or triple occupancy.  Each bed comes with a soft pillow and duvet, an individual reading light and its own 220v 2-pin socket for laptops & mobiles.  There's a washbasin in the corner and each passenger gets a towel, a small bottle of mineral water and a complimentary toiletries pack containing soap, toothbrush & toothpaste, mouthwash, disposable slippers and (if you really feel you need them) ear-plugs.  There are toilets at the end of the corridor which will be unlocked shortly after departure.
  • For the evening & morning part of the journey, the beds fold away to form a private sitting room with sofa.  The seat back of the middle part of the sofa lowers to form a table if you need one.  There's room for luggage on the rack above the window and in the big recess above the door projecting over the corridor ceiling.  The compartment doors have a security deadlock that cannot be opened from outside even with a staff key and there is Closed Circuit TV in the corridor for your safety.  If you like, your sleeper attendant can lock your compartment door while you go to the restaurant car.
  • The sleeper attendant will take your ticket and passport soon after departure so you are not disturbed by any ticket or passport checks during the journey, and he or she will give you a voucher for a complimentary light breakfast in the restaurant car next morning.
  • Sleepers are ideal for couples or business travellers, but beds are sold individually so passengers travelling alone may book one bed in a 2 or 3-bed compartment and share with other civilised sleeper passengers of the same sex.

4 & 6 Berth Compartments

  • Couchettes are the economy option, providing basic flat padded bunks at night for 4 or 6 people per compartment, arranged as upper, middle and lower bunks on each side of the compartment.  Each bunk has a reading light and comes with sheet, pillow & fluffy duvet which you arrange yourself.  In the evening and morning, the lower & middle bunks fold away, converting into seats with armrests and small table.  A small complimentary bottle of mineral water is provided for each passenger.  The compartments are air-conditioned with adjustable temperature control.  These compartments are mixed gender, but women travelling alone can reserve places in a 4-berth ladies-only compartment if they wish.  There's plenty of room for luggage under the seats, on the luggage rack and in the big recess above the door projecting out over the corridor ceiling.  An attendant is on duty for every pair of couchette cars, who will take your passport and tickets (if it's not an e-ticket) after the train leaves Paris and return them to you next morning, so you are not disturbed by ticket checks or passport control at the Swiss or Italian frontiers during the night.  As well as the normal lock, the compartment door has a red security deadlock which cannot be opened from outside even with a staff key, so you'll be safe and snug.
  • Top tips:  It's worth paying the extra to travel in a 4-person compartment as this gives you much more space than 6-person occupancy, allowing you to spread out and enjoy your evening on the train.  Middle bunks are probably the best choice, as they are cooler than the top bunks and easier to access, but significantly wider than the narrow bottom bunks.  If you don't want to use the restaurant car, why feel free to bring along your own picnic and bottle of wine, it's allowed!  Note that 4-berth couchette compartments are identical to 6-berth, in fact they have 6 bunks, it's only the number of people per compartment that's different.  A sleeper is a significant step up in comfort from a couchette, but given the price difference a 4-berth couchette is probably the best option for a family of 4, rather than an expensive pair of 2-berth sleepers.

General Information

Pronounced Tell-O, Thello is a partnership between Trenitalia (Italian Railways) and Veolia, a private transport company, formed to run overnight trains between Paris and Italy. Tickets can be purchased live with International Rail up to 4 months in advance, and will be issued electronically. All you need to do is board the train and find your compartment. No queuing, no stress! It is advisable to book this train as far in advance as possible and compartments can sell out quickly.