Matterhorn Glacier Paradise

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Matterhorn Glacier Paradise

Matterhorn Glacier Paradise

Don't miss the impressive offerings at Matterhorn glacier paradise, at 3,883 metres above sea level.

Europe's highest mountain cable way : The mountain cableway to Matterhorn glacier paradise is the highest in Europe. The cableway was recently extended, making the trip to Trockener Steg non-stop. From here, Europe's highest aerial cableway carries guests to Matterhorn glacier paradise amidst a breathtaking mountain world with glaciers and permanent snow cover.

Highest observation platform in the Alps : The lift brings guests to the highest observation deck in the Alps. The breathtaking 360° panorama with 38 super-colossal peaks astounds every viewer. From here the 4,000-metre-plus peaks reveal their full majesty.

The world's most fascinating glacier palace : Riding the new elevator, get transported directly into the world's highest glacier palace, about 15 metres beneath the glacier surface. Subtle lighting and ethereal sounds amplify the special mood in this miniature wonder of the glacier world

Largest summer skiing region in the Alps : (snow sports 365 days a year) Matterhorn glacier paradise is Europe's highest and largest summer snow-sports destination offering snow sports all year.


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