European Train Schedules, European Train Route

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European Train Schedules

Plan your itinerary before you go.

Click on the link below to find train times throughout Europe. These times are loaded directly by the Belgium Railways and in some cases may not be accurate.

Handy Hint:

European timetables change twice a year according to the season. Once in mid June and again in mid December. The seasons are listed below.


  • Summer - Mid June to Mid December
  • Winter - Mid December to Mid June

If you are wanting times for trains not in the current season, there is a chance they will not yet be released. If they are, they may be inaccurate. In these cases, use a date in the season that you are currently in. Make sure that you choose a date that falls on the same day of the week as you wish to travel on. This will give you a guide of how long your journey is and where it goes via.

View European Time Tables Online

At The Station

The main hall of every train station in Europe contains a departure and arrival board. Track numbers, stops made en route as well as final destinations are displayed. In each train station pocket timetables are available free of charge. These "mini-timetables" typically list departures and arrivals between two specific points or region. Look for them near the rail information centers. An additional source for detailed schedules is the Rail Information Center. Relying on computerized reservation systems the center's staff can make short work of finding a schedule or routing you to the city of choice. Best of all the service is free.